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1 It is a one body trolley structure, easy handling at site.

2 You can do site test without complex wiring, because all test modes and switching voltage levels are automatically switched by weak control internal high-voltage switches.

3 It can quickly locate and point low resistance, high impedance fault leakage, flashover faults in power cable with a variety of 220V-220KV voltage level.


1 It integrates multi-gear DC high-voltage generator, multi-gear high-voltage capacitor, arc-stabling units and a variety of signal acquisition in one body, which facilitates fault location operation.

2 Switching between three gear test modes, two gear voltage levels is controlled by low-voltage weak electricity.

3 World's leading test method makes difficult fault detecting become very simple.

4 The requirement to operators’ level for technical equipment is low.

5 The DC voltage is up to 32kV.

6 Each stall of voltages, which is 16 / 32kV, can output up to 1536 J impact energy. It has longer ranging delay arc time and makes a loud voice on the fault point when locating.

7 It can do high impedance fault detection directly without burning.

6 Large wheels ensure a smooth, easy handling and site work.

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